UV gel nail accessories are like your best friend for creating colourful manicure looks! Their quality and how they meet your needs mean you enjoy an easier to apply and long-lasting manicure. Don’t waste your time looking for a better option - choose the hi UV gel manicure accessories - it’s that simple! Our products are tailored to your needs, so the highest quality is always within your reach!

Are you just starting out on your adventure with UV gel nail polish? You are in the right place! Here you can find all the essential accessories! UV gel polishes are a simple way to create a long-lasting manicure you can do at home! Or with friends - if you are in the mood for a hi-nail party! Say hi to colourful and shiny nails! What do you need?

 1. hi hybrid UV gel polish starter kit

The hi hybrid UV gel polish starter kit is a must-have! It features everything necessary to create a beautiful look: hi base coat, hi UV gel polish in 245 Classic Red, hi no wipe top, hi UV gel polish acetone, hi UV gel nail cleaner, hi 10 W UV LED lamp, hi polishing block and hi nail files. Just add your colourful vision - and you’re there :)

 2. hi hybrid 10 W UV LED lamp

Do you want to dazzle everyone with your mani? Then you need a lamp that cures UV gel polish! We include one in our hi starter kit, but you can also buy it separately :) The hi 10 W lamp is the perfect choice to cure your nail polish. Easily, quickly and stress-free!

 3. hi hybrid straight nail files

The hi UV gel nail accessories also include great files! Almond-shaped nails? Oval? Or maybe classic square nails? No matter what shape you choose - the hi hybrid nail files make nail shaping easy! Choose the hi 180 file to gently prepare UV gel polish, or the hi 100 file to shape the natural nail plate!

4. hi hybrid nail polishing block

A hi nail polishing block? This is an essential UV gel nail accessory! It guarantees the perfect matte effect on your nail plate. One, two, three, and your nails are matte! Now they are ready to say hi to the hi UV gel nail cleaner :)

5. hi hybrid dust-free manicure cotton pads

Check out all the UV gel manicure accessories! The hi dust-free cotton pads are a great way to wave bye-bye to that old manicure! First soften the manicure with UV gel acetone and you are all set! Then use the hi dust-free cotton pads and the hi hybrid nail cleaner to clean off the nail plate, and you are set for that new mani <3

6. hi hybrid UV gel foil removal wraps

You can re-imagine your mood a million ways, including through colour! Looking to change your attitude to life? Change the colour of your nails! If you need to do it quickly and easily - use the hi hybrid UV gel removal wraps!

7. hi hybrid nail cleaner - a nail plate degreaser

Do you dream of shiny and colourful nails that last for weeks? Stop dreaming - say hi to them! First it is important to take care of the basics - remember to prep the nail plate with the hi hybrid nail cleaner before applying a UV gel polish!

8. hi hybrid acetone - a UV gel manicure remover

The hi cosmetic acetone is a tough player, and quick to complete its mission of removing any UV gel polish from your nails. The hi cosmetic acetone does not contain dangerous substances - you can use it with no fear or pangs of conscience. Your UV gel nails will never mind!

As you can see - the hi accessories tab features all the essential UV gel accessories you need to create exceptional manicure looks. Both for you and your friends! No more time wasted seeking products you can tailor to your needs - all the essentials are here! Accessories? Your nails choose hi! Easy? Oh yes!