Preparing the nail plate

Dust-free cotton pads for UV gel polish

Good cotton pads are essential in successfully removing UV gel polish. They absorb the acetone that helps wave goodbye to the old UV gel polish, after filing any outer layer with a top coat. Dust-free cotton pads help in quickly and successfully removing the dispersion layer created after curing the base and colour UV gel polish!

UV gel foil removal wraps

Choose the hi hybrid foil removal wraps. Dampen the pad attached to the foil with acetone and leave the foil wrapped around your nail for about 10-15 minutes. This simple procedure dissolves the old UV gel polish and helps quickly prepare your nail for a new one - your dream UV gel polish! Use the tested UV gel removal foil and enjoy the delicate UV gel polish removal process!

The best accessories at the best price!

hi hybrid not only offers great colourful UV gel polishes and LED lamps for curing, but also awesome accessories, such as dust-free cotton pads and foil removal wraps for UV gel polish. Acetone, nail files, a polishing block and even a nail cleaner! All these naturally help you create a fabulously colourful manicure using hi UV gel polishes! So grab your dust-free cotton pads and UV gel polish foil removal wraps!

UV gel polish removal - it is easier than you think!

With UV gel polish removal foil wraps, nail polish removal is a piece of cake! Dampen them, wrap them around, wait 10-15 minutes and you are all set! You can now start removing the softened UV gel polish, quickly and easily. Invest in intuitive and simple solutions to save time and simplify the UV gel polish manicure!