UV gel polish durability - securing the free edge of the nail

Almost all girls dream about beautiful and well-groomed nails. The hi hybrid nail polishes help you create the perfect rainbow manicure in seconds! Imagine this setting: an autumn evening, you are by yourself, holding a cup of hot cocoa, your favourite movie and a UV gel polish set - sounds great, doesn’t it? However, before you start creating the most fancy looks, you should know how to secure the free edge. Are you ready to travel to the hi world? Fasten your seatbelt. Let’s get started!

UV gel manicure? Say hi!


Are you still wondering if gel manicure with the hi hybrid products is the right solution for you? You don’t have to! UV gel manicure is currently the most popular manicure method. One of the reasons it is so popular is its incredibly long-lasting effect. Moreover, if done right, this manicure stands out with its everlasting shine and incredible colour depth. Now you can do what you love and not what your nail polish can do! :)

UV gel polish is a perfect solution for girls who don’t like being bored, are eager to experiment with new nail colours and want to make sure their hands will look flawless for many days.

Manicure hybrydowy – hi party, date, sport & travel!

UV gel polish manicure is the best way to create the perfect look during summer or winter holidays, workout at the gym or many crazy parties with your friends!

If the manicure is done right, it is long-lasting, so you don’t have to give up on your passions! With a flawless manicure, you can take up different challenges and you don’t have to worry about how your UV gel polish will look.

Intense pool workouts? Basketball? Or perhaps you want to go for indoor rock climbing? No worries! With the hi hybrid nail polishes, you can do whatever you want! :)

To make sure your UV gel polish stays on, read the tips that we prepared for you (you can find them at https://hihybrid.pl/pl/porady). Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel - the videos will help you create unique manicure step by step. You will make your friends jealous! :)


UV gel polish – step by step

If you want to create fancy manicure looks alone or with your beloved girlfriends, make sure you read more about how to apply it.

  • Step 1: Base coat

    Start off by preparing and degreasing the nail plate and then apply a base coat. Remember that that the brush should contain the minimum quantity of the product (wipe excess product off the brush at the bottleneck) to prevent the nail polish from falling on the cuticles and make sure you can cure it well.

  • Step 2: Cure the base

    It’s time to bring out the lamp - place your whole hand under the lamp and then cure the layer on the thumb separately. 45 seconds is enough - the same time you need to send an SMS or finish your coffee. ;)

  • Step 3: Nail polish

    It’s probably the nicest moment in the whole manicure, which is about selecting the nail polish and applying the first coat. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you may need two coats. Cure it under a lamp - 60 seconds is enough for most shades, however with highly pigmented colours it lasts 120 seconds. Don’t forget to secure the free edge!

  • Step 4: Top coat

    Almost done. After applying and curing all layers, it’s time to add a super thin layer of the No-Wipe Top (here you should also remember to secure the free edge) - cure it under a lamp for 45 seconds.

Securing the free edge

Remember to secure the free edge at each stage of the manicure. Why is it so important?

Above all, if the free edge is not secured, it causes the nail polish to bend at the tip of the nail plate. Try to apply the nail polish evenly and do not go overboard with the amount! Individual coats should be as thin as possible!

While securing the free edge, pay close attention to keep the nail polish from gathering at the tip of the nail plate. If it happens, you can easily remove it with a clean brush (wipe off the brush at the bottleneck) - swipe it across the nail plate. Remember to repeat this step with each new coat.

While applying the nail polish near the cuticles, try to take as little as possible - the brush should be almost completely cleared off the product - it guarantees that you will cover the whole nail plate, without creating a layer that is too thick. At the end, “swipe” the brush across the nail plate to even any roughness and achieve the perfect manicure finish. It’s easy like a selfie! ;)

Visit https://hihybrid.pl/en/10-najczestszych-bledow-manicure-hybrydowego to avoid the most common UV gel manicure mistakes. Good luck! :)