An impressive, wildly fashionable and easy hybrid manicure decorated with fancy patterns? You can conjure it up in a few moments! Hi hybrid nail polish, nail cleaner, base, No-Wipe Top and a few accessories are enough! You’ll also need a bit of patience and a few tips that we’ve prepared for you. Are you ready for a handful of carnival inspirations with nail design playing the main role? Let’s get started! ;)

Hybrid? – First take care of your hands

Before you decide to do a carnival manicure, try to objectively assess the condition of your nails. Look for any split or broken nails, which may shorten the life of your manicure. Think about the right therapy to improve the condition of your nails. After all... why waste your precious time on carefully crafted patterns when they are quickly destroyed?

If you want your hands and nails to be in good condition, remember to:

✓ wear warm gloves in winter;

✓ regularly moisturise and regenerate the skin on your hands;

✓ wear rubber gloves when cleaning, washing dishes or washing your clothes by hand.

Carnival manicure – nail design trends in 2020

The carnival manicure, as usual, is bursting with a multitude of intense colours. It's no different in 2020 – if you want your nail art to fit well into the hottest fashion trends, don't be afraid to reach for the craziest colours! ;)

Whether you have long or short nails, with hi products you can easily conjure up beautiful carnival decorations!

  • Gloss and matte – 2 in 1

The combination of fabulously shimmering particles of glitter and nail polish in a bold, saturated colour is one of the hottest trends for the coming months. Glitter never goes out of style! It's impressive, timeless and lets you to quickly change any nail design. It perfectly matches both dark, intense colours and more subtle, pastel ones.

If you want to wow everyone during carnival with an original nail look, choose the perfect duo – hi hybrid Crystal Glam #106 and Deep Blue Shine #311. Don’t forget about the top coat – in this case a matte top will work best. It will leave a frosted effect on your nails.

awesome mani

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During the carnival, let yourself be really crazy – not only on the dance floor, but also on your manicure! With a brush, you can create a glitter ombre on selected nails (just like in the picture) – the sparkling particles will be great contrast for a perfect matte on the other nails. If you want to add even more glamour to your nail design, paint two nails with a beautifully shimmering Crystal Glam #106 polish and, like Rihanna, sing ‘Shine bright like a diamond’! ;)

  • Honey, it's time to shine!

Gold nail decorations with glitter for carnival – that's it! Choose a polish in your favourite colour (for example hi hybrid Deep Beige #405, Warm Nude #326 or Stone Beige #418) with elegant but glamorous decorations in pink gold (Glamour Dust #400). Combine the two shades on your nails and create a beautifully shimmering, inverted french manicure (also known as the moon manicure)!

looks great

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You can create the most beautiful embellishments using a wooden stick but to paint flawless lines grab some... adhesive tape! It’s that easy! ;)

Looking for more inspirations for impressive nail art? Visit our section:!

  • Geometric nail art

Colourful craziness or a girly carnival manicure look? Oh yes! Go for a combination of pink and lilac and top everything with a dark purple nail polish with subtle, sparkly particles. Your mani will look amazing if you top it with a cool geometric pattern like the one in this photo! The only thing you need is... adhesive tape! :)

kolorowe szaleństwo

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You can use various tools to create nail embellishments, including:

✓ a pencil – you can adjust dot size using a sharpener,

✓ a rubber,

✓ bobby pins,

✓ a used pen,

✓ a toothpick.

Apply a dash of the nail polish on aluminium foil and then dab the tip of your tool in it to create fancy nail decorations.

Shades of grey are perfect for carnival. How about the Stone Beige #418 nail polish, which is a unique combination of grey and beige? It’s an unusual and also very universal idea that is great for both a crazy carnival party and to wear every day. Mix up the look with contrasting stripes or other fancy embellishments. Remember that they don’t have to be even, especially that nonchalance and asymmetry are trendy! ;)

Lakier hybrydowy hi hybrid 5 ml Stone Beige #418

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Voilà! You’ve just learned our recipe for the hottest carnival manicure! ;)