Electric UV gel nail file or acetone? Effective UV gel removal methods

Have you been wearing your manicure for 2 weeks and there’s some ugly new nail growth? It’s high time to create a new manicure and enjoy beautiful nails again! Before you start, make sure you remove the UV gel properly. As you know, a nail polish that is cured under a lamp is very durable, so you can’t remove it with a regular nail polish remover. There are two ways to do it and you can read about them in this article :). Don’t worry about anything - you will find all tips right here, so you will remove the UV gel like a pro!

Electric UV gel nail file - functions

An electric nail file is a multifunctional device used for UV gel polish removal and generally in manicures and pedicures. It helps shorten the nails, shape them, prepare the nail plate for nail treatments and even remove the cuticles, calluses and thickened skin. The device features an electric head, equipped with tips - bits - and special caps. Depending on the speed, they work faster or slower, creating different effects. A cylindrical diamond drill is most commonly used for UV gel polish removal. It gradually turns and removes the UV gel mass. Remember that this forms a powder, so it is best to do it on a table or desk covered with a paper towel, which will make cleaning quick and easy. The minimum power for an electric nail drill is 50 W and 4,000 RPM. Professional beauty salons are equipped with devices that have better parameters. You need to be careful while removing UV gel because if you do it incorrectly, you can damage the nail plate. If you want to use this method, visit a beautician who has completed a special training. For those of you who have just started their adventure with UV gel, the best method may be the removal of UV gel using acetone, which can be done at home.

Acetone for nails - a quick way to remove UV gel


Many of you have definitely removed nails before using an acetone-based nail remover. The concentration of this substance in these removers is low and helps easily remove regular nail polish. To remove UV gel polish, you need acetone with higher concentration. It is a quick and cheap method - what you need is the acetone (it costs around PLN 6,00) and special UV gel removal foil wraps. Do you want to know how to remove UV gel polish with acetone step by step? You can find the instructions below :)

  1. Gently file the top manicure layer using a polishing block.
  2. Wrap the special foil wraps soaked in acetone around the nails.
  3. Once your nails are “wrapped”, wait for a few minutes (sometimes it is takes 2 minutes, and other times it takes 10).
  4. Unwrap the nails and remove excess UV gel polish using a cuticle pusher or wooden sticks.


If the UV gel polish does not come off in some places, do not force it - you can damage the nail plate. Just repeat this step.

Before you start creating a new manicure, you should apply a special conditioner in the form of a nail polish. Nothing will happen if you wait a couple days before creating a new manicure. :) Beautifully shaped nails, covered with a transparent or white conditioner have their own natural charm! :) If you are looking for more useful tips that help you create a UV gel polish manicure at home, read the other articles on our blog: https://hihybrid.pl/en/porady.