A girls’ party in hi style - just what you need for your nail party!

Do you have a group who you'd like to spend girls’ night in with and share your favourite cosmetics? Bring your friends together and start your adventure with hybrids in the colourful world of hi hybrid. After all, a few pairs of hands are better than one!

hi friends, hi hybrid

Prepare a meeting with your BFFs and do your manicures in hi style! At the beginning, you just need one set of products, which you can easily complement with additional nail polishes from a wide range of juicy colours. Everyone knows practice makes perfect, and who better to practice with than your friend? Have fun through learning – acquiring knowledge in the field of nail care and nail art can become not only your new ritual, but can also be a blast! A nail party is a great way to spend your free time productively – new nails and chatting? The best idea!

Ready, steady… hi!

The basic set should consist of the right tools and products necessary for the proper performance of a hybrid manicure. Don’t forget about all care steps that will help you gain dazzling looks, and the procedure itself will be as easy as taking a selfie! For the beginning, the hi Starter is exactly what you need. It includes: nail base, 245 Classic Red hybrid paint, No-Wipe Top, acetone, nail cleaner, 10W UV LED nail lamp, polishing block and two files. Choose your favourite colour and conjure up many original decorations!

If only you could just learn... on your own?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stop worrying about theory! You’ll find plenty of colourful inspirations and tutorials! A dazzling hybrid manicure at your fingertips... Just reach for a handful of knowledge and have fun with hi hybrid! Ready? Let's do it!

If there’s hi, there’s fun.

Are you planning your own nail party and are looking for ideas for additional entertainment? Start by playing with colours and conjure up colourful miracles on your nails. Inspirations can be found on our website in the INSPIRATIONS tab and on our Instagram account. And to make it even more interesting, put your nail polishes in a basket or box and draw a few at random! That way there will be a surprise for each of you and, who knows, maybe you will discover a new favourite colour?

But before you immerse yourselves in the colourful world of hi hybrid, have fun at your home spa and prepare your hands and feet for a manicure and pedicure. You can use coffee grounds to make a great exfoliating peeling or honey to moisturise dry skin. Simple, economical and natural - just how we like it :)

A nice way to make your nail party with your friends more pleasant is cinema hits – especially those with high fashion in the background. After all, who, if not you, is interested in style and trends? Try classics such as ‘Sex in the City’ or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Perhaps one of the beautiful creations will inspire a new mani? And if you’re looking for something else, turn on the blockbuster ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ – you’ll see mainly men’s fashion instead of long dresses and sequins, but Ryan Gosling... well, I think he speaks for himself ;)