How do you do a hybrid manicure? WHAT DO YOU NEED?

- base coat

- hybrid colour of your choice

- No-Wipe Top

- lamp

STEP 1. Applying the base

After preparing and degreasing the plate, it’s time to apply the base. Wipe the brush on the walls of the bottle to apply a thin layer of the product. Paint the entire nail plate starting from the cuticles (without touching them) to the end of the nail. Remember about securing the free nail edge so that the manicure will hold better. At the end, swipe the entire plate with a brush to even out any unevenness one more time.

STEP 2. Curing the base

We cure the base for 45 seconds (i.e. by clicking once on the button). Remember to put your entire hand under the lamp. Please note that the hi lamp lights are arranged like nails – in a bow. That's why the hi logo should always be on the right hand side. Finally, cure the thumb separately.

STEP 3. Applying the hybrid nail polish.

Now you're left with the best part of the job, i.e. the selection and application of hybrid nail polishes. Most of them will need two or sometimes even three layers. It all depends on the type of polish, its coverage, as well as the effect you want to achieve. Each layer of hybrid polish must be cured under the lamp. If you don’t complete this step, the polish will not cure. You can easily experiment or re-paint your fingernails if you don’t get it right the first time. Cure most colours for 60 seconds (quickly press the button on the lamp twice). Some colours – the more pigmented ones (111, 114, 201, 214, 215, 228, 320, 321, 322, 401, 403, 404, 406, 411, 413, 415, 416) should be cured for 120 seconds. Just like when applying the base coat, don’t forget to secure the free edge.

STEP 4. Applying the top

After applying and curing all layers of the nail polish, it will be time to apply the last layer - the No-Wipe Top. Same as before – a thin layer on the entire plate along the free edge. Cure the top for 45 seconds. It’s a no-wipe top, which means it doesn’t require washing with a nail cleaner after curing.