How do remove hybrid nail polish?


polishing block or 180 file


foil with pads

– wooden sticks

STEP 1. Buff the top

First, buff the top with a polishing block or a 180-grade file. Remember to do it gently – the aim is to buff the top layer, the acetone will take care of the rest.

STEP 2. Apply aluminium foil

After buffing the top, apply aluminium foil with cotton pads soaked in acetone and wrap them carefully. Keep them on for about 15 minutes. You can check in advance whether the hybrid has started to peel off. If not – keep the foil on for a few more minutes.

Try to apply the pad only to the nail plate so that acetone does not come in contact with the skin, as it has a drying effect.

STEP 3. Remove the polish

Remove the foil and remove the remaining layers of nail polish with a wooden stick. Don’t force the polish to come off, because it could destroy the natural nail plate.

If you want to create another look after this step, prepare the plate for the procedure one more time.