Do the words “boredom” and “stagnation” define your life? Can you play with fashion, try to look different every day and enjoy every single multicolour manicure? If the answer to both questions is yes, then this article is perfect for you! It’s time for you to learn how to store UV gel nail polishes properly to maintain their properties! Ready? 3, 2, 1... Let’s get started! ;)

Proper storage of UV gel nail polishes - why is it important?

Do you love the amazing feeling when a new manicure shines on your nails, just like in the commercials of the most expensive, luxurious cosmetic and fashion brands? If you managed to compile a rather large collection of UV gel nail polishes recently, you should learn how to maintain it to enjoy their perfect quality for a long time ;) It turns out that storing UV gel polishes is not as difficult as it seems!

It guarantees that every precious bottle containing a beautiful nail polish will last until the last drop. Doesn’t it sound great? ;)

Before we move on to specific tips, you should know that the quality of your UV gel polishes may be affected by a couple factors, including:

  • light,
  • temperature,
  • frequency of use.

Store UV gel nail polishes in a dry and cool place.

Always store the hi hybrid UV gel polishes at room temperature, in a shaded and dry place.

High humidity negatively impacts the nail polishes, which increases during a hot bath. If you have a tendency to put nail polish bottles on your bathroom shelf, move them to a dry and cool place, away from light or heat sources (e.g. a radiator).

Proper way to store UV gel nail polishes: At attention!

“Attention” and no “ease” until all your bottles are standing vertically. Many girls throw the bottles in a box after their manicure is complete. That’s a mistake! The vertical positions guarantees better quality and texture. You can buy decorative boxes with practical with compartments, but you can also keep your nail polishes on a shelf, by your desk or in a drawer (remember about “attention”! ;)), together with other manicure accessories: files, wooden sticks, etc.

Proper way to store UV gel nail polishes: away from a UV lamp

Do you tend to put a bottle of nail polish or base coat near a UV lamp when it is on? Never, ever do it again because it's a simple way to damage the products. The lamp cures the nail polishes - and you don’t want to waste a drop! ;)

hi hybrid UV gel polishes
What is the proper way to store UV gel nail polishes? Open and close!

Do you want to create a new, crazy UV gel manicure? Great idea! ;) Just remember not to keep the bottle open for too long and close it tightly after use. It’s important because when the bottle is open, air may get inside causing the nail polish to dry and impair its quality.

Proper way to store UV gel nail polishes: check expiration date

“Best before...” - you know these words from milk, coffee, tea and other types of packaging. UV gel nail polishes also have an expiration date, so you should check the date on the bottle from time to time and organise your collection every few months. Even if the nail polishes are stored properly, they expire and can easily hinder your manicure.

Get rid off of the nail polishes that are past the “best before” date and buy new ones - you can use it as an excuse to go ahead and order a couple of lovely, colourful treasures!