Create a hi manicure… on the spot!

If you continue to set aside doing your manicure in the midst of your daily chores, don’t put it off any longer! The dream of a dazzling manicure is literally within your reach. Say hello to the hi hybridnail polishes and enjoy flawless nails in every situation!

Time, time, time - following your rhythm!

Fast life and even faster decisions - a homemade UV gel manicure is for you if you value freedom and flexibility. You don’t have to wait for an appointment with a beautician. Now you decide when your hands will become your most beautiful asset. Do you like beautiful, natural nails and being active as well? Do you split your time between shopping, going to the cinema and the gym or running? If yes, you certainly don’t want to worry about chips, lack of shine or faded colour. What are your options? A traditional nail polish... You know what it’s like! To look phenomenal, you would have to paint your nails every 2-3 days. Do you have time for that? Of course not - we don’t either! There’s so much to do! And don’t forget about the endless waiting for the nail polish to dry. And when it seems that it is fine, right before going out it turns out that the polish has smudged, chipped or has some unidentified markings. The choice is clear: a UV gel polish is the option for you!

Say hi to free time

Manicures created with UV gel polishes are much more resistant and last longer than traditional nail polishes. No chips and unpleasant surprises for two weeks? The hi hybridnail polishes can make it happen! Enjoy nails that shine with a whole range of vivid colours for many days! By choosing the homemade UV gel manicure you also take care of your budget - the basic UV gel manicure sets cost as much as two beauty salon appointments and it pays off quickly when throw yourself into the colourful madness! Especially if you and your friends chip in for your first set!

Girls want to have fun!

The more often you use a UV nail polish yourself, the more you will learn and be able to properly care for your hands. The acquired knowledge and skills will probably help you break the habits and practices that damage nails. Maybe, with time, this activity will become a passion and all of your girlfriends will come to you for advice about manicures? You never know! Waste no more time, gather a group of your girlfriends and get started! You have plenty of options!