Do you dream about beautiful and well-groomed nails? Are you looking for a nail polish that guarantees a long-lasting manicure and shiny effect? Do you want your nails to always look perfect? If the answer to all these question is yes, UV gel polish is the perfect choice for you! Now you can do it at home.
It’s easy! Read our article and learn more about the most popular UV gel manicure myths and facts. Let’s get started!

UV gel polish manicure - Say hi to hybrid!

A super trendy manicure that looks like on the cover of famous magazines it is not just for celebrities - it’s real and it’s just within your grasp! With the hi hybrid products you can create a flawless, beautiful, shiny and multicolour manicures that will make all your friends jealous. Say bye to chips, smudges and unevenness . It’s time to fall in love with a new you - adventurous, confident and always in style - with the perfect manicure in vivid colours that will put you in a good mood! ;)

Do what you want, not what your nail polish can do! – hi makes it possible!

Amateurs can create a UV gel manicure - FACT!


If you don’t have experience with UV gel polish,
don’t worry! It’s easy - as long as you use
the hi products that were designed
for UV gel polish beginners. They will help you achieve professional
beauty salon effects - it’s simple like riding a bike or taking a selfie! ;) Invite your girlfriends for a nail party
and start your adventure with UV gel nail polish.

Remember to make adequate preparations for girls’ night. Watch our tutorials (you can find them at, buy the starter kit and learn how to properly (and safely) apply a UV gel polish step by step.

You can create a UV gel polish manicure on nails that are in bad shape - MYTH!

If you are suffering from dermatological nail diseases (e.g. fungal infection), you shouldn’t create a UV gel manicure. First treat the problem - visit a doctor and undergo proper treatment. After your treatment is complete, you can fulfil your dreams of beautiful nails painted with the hi nail polishes! ;)

UV gel manicure doesn’t last long - MYTH!

Never take shortcuts - it’s the most common mistake that the beginners make! If your UV gel polish comes off, it means that:

  • it was applied incorrectly



  • the nail plate was inadequately prepared.

If you dream about beautiful nails in the hottest colours this season and you don’t like wasting your time concealing chips that appear just hours after applying a traditional manicure,

and you don’t want to give up on your passions - running, biking, swimming or other activities, you should definitely experiment with UV gel polish!

Remember that you should not count its durability in days but in the challenges that you can take up with your multicoloured nails.

UV gel manicure damages nails - MYTH!

If applied correctly, UV gel manicure does not damage the nails but it may happen if the nail plate is inadequately prepared or if the polish is removed improperly. If you want to make sure that your nails are in good shape after UV gel manicure is complete, choose only high quality nail polishes that are manufactured according to the required procedures and have all necessary certificates. Just like the hi nail polishes!

Did you know?

All hi hybrid UV gel nail polishes are made in Poland. :)

Applying thick coats affects the UV gel manicure’s durability - FACT!

It may seem that if you apply a thicker coat, you can create a UV gel manicure faster, however that would be a serious (and very common) mistake. Why? The nail polish cannot cure well and starts to wrinkle and coming off. Just be patient - always apply thin layers of a base, top coat and nail polish. Remember that the first layer of the colour does not have to cover the nail plate perfectly. Moreover, pastel colours or glitter nail polishes cover the nail perfectly with the second layer. It’s better to add a third layer than to paint a single layer that is too thick.