Privacy Policy

I. General provisions

  1. The owner of the store available at: ‘’ (hereinafter: ‘Store’ or ‘Service’) and the Administrator of the data collected from the Store’s users (including Buyers) while using the services available in the Store (hereinafter: ‘Users’) is NESPERTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOSCIĄ with its registered office in Jelonek, ul. Obornicka 7, 62-002 Jelonek, Poland; entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000645760; NIP: 9721267979; REGON: 365812548; with share capital of PLN 100,000.00; hereinafter referred to as the ‘Owner’ or ‘Administrator’.
  1. The Owner assures that:
  1. it complies with the applicable laws on personal data protection;
  2. it takes steps to protect the data of persons visiting the Store from the technical side, in particular that data is stored in properly secured information storage centres, and the Owner makes every effort to ensure that the equipment used in this process meets all current requirements for data storage devices;
  3. it does not make available, sell or in any other way transfer the data of persons visiting the Store to unauthorised entities, and in the event of any irregularities or threats from third parties, the Owner makes every effort to secure and prevent data transfer to unauthorised entities.
  1. The use of the Store’s Services and the provision of personal data by Users is voluntary.
  2. The purpose of data collection is to ensure the proper functioning of the Store.
  3. Any phrases appearing in the Privacy Policy beginning with a capital letter should be understood in accordance with their definitions contained in the Terms and Conditions of the Online Store available at:

II. Rules on the protection of personal data

  1. The Administrator of the User’s personal data (provided e.g. during registration in the Store or when placing a particular Order) is the Owner.
  2. Each User is entitled to exercise the rights resulting from the relevant provisions on the protection of personal data, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation), in particular the right to access personal data, the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, the right to data transfer and the right to raise objections in the cases specified in these regulations.
  3. The transfer of personal data by the User takes place in the case of registration of the Website visitor, change of the User’s previous data, placing an Order.
  4. Personal data provided during registration can be changed by editing data within the account. Each User may also modify or delete his/her data by sending a relevant request to the following e-mail address of the Administrator:

III. Rules for sending information to Users

  1. The Administrator is entitled to send messages to the Users, which serve the operation of the Store. The scope of sent messages includes, in particular, information related to the functioning of the Store and technical information related to the functioning of the Store's website.
  2. In the event of expressing consent by the User, the Administrator is entitled to send this User commercial information. Commercial information may include information related to commercial activities conducted by the Administrator or entities cooperating with the Administrator. Sending commercial information to Users requires their consent, in accordance with Article 10 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws 2018.650, as amended).
  3. Subject to prior consent of the User, the Administrator is entitled to process the products and services of the Administrator of the Users’ data, including, in particular, the User’s e-mail address, for marketing purposes. The User is entitled to object to the processing of personal data for this purpose (objection) by sending a request to the following e-mail address:
  4. Subject to the prior consent of the Users, their personal data may be processed for marketing purposes of products or services of entities cooperating with the Administrator. The User is entitled to object to the processing of personal data for this purpose (objection) by sending a request to the following e-mail address:

IV. Cookie policy

  1. Our website may use ‘cookies’. They identify the User's browser and improve the operation of our Services. They are also used to better match content and advertising to the User's expectations and interests, to collect anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow the Owner to understand how Users use the Services and help in improving their functionality and content. Cookies do not contain personal data.
  2. This site does not automatically gather any information, with the exception of the information contained in cookies.
  3. Cookies are files containing data, text files in particular, that are stored on the end user's device and are intended to be used by a web server. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they originate, their storage time on the end user device, as well as a unique number.
  4. The entity that places cookies on the User's end device and obtains access to them is the Owner, subject to further provisions of this section.
  5. Cookies are used for:
  1. adjusting the content of the Service websites to the User’s preferences and optimising the use of websites; in particular, these files allow the Service to recognise the Service User’s device and properly display the website, adjusted to his/her individual needs;
  2. creating statistics that help to understand how Service Users use the websites, which facilitates improvement of their structure and content;
  3. maintaining a Service User session (once logged in) so that the User does not have to re-enter his/her login and password on each subpage of the Service.
  1. The following types of cookies are used within the scope of the Service: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User’s end device until log out time, leaving the website or disabling the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the User's end device for a time period specified in the parameters of the cookies or until they are deleted by the User.
  2. The following types of cookies are used within the scope of the Service:
  1. ‘Necessary’ cookies, enabling the use of services available within the Service, for example authentication cookie files used for services requiring authentication within the Service;
  2. cookies used to ensure security, for example used to detect abuse of authentication within the Service;
  3. ‘performance’ cookies, enabling the collection of information on how to use the Service websites;
  4. ‘functional’ cookies, which ‘remember’ the settings selected by the User and personalise the User’s interface, for example in the scope of a selected language or region from which the User comes, font size, appearance of the website, etc.;
  5. ‘advertising’ cookies, enabling the provision of advertising content to Users that is more suited to their interests.
  1. In many cases, the software used to browse websites (a web browser) store cookies on the User's end device. The website Users can make changes to the cookies settings at any time. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser configuration or each time so they are informed of their placement on the User’s equipment. Details on the possibilities and methods of managing cookie files are available in the software settings (of the web browser).
  2. Please note that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some functionalities available on the Service web pages.
  3. Cookies on the end device of the User can also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website Operator.
  4. We use the Google Analytics service, which collects anonymous information about visited websites of our services. Detailed rules regarding the privacy policy of ‘Google Analytics’, including information on how to block the collection of data, can be found at: Terms of use of Google Analytics.
  5. We also use the Mouseflow application, which collects anonymous information about behaviour on our websites. You can opt out of monitoring these data here.
  6. Our Website has linked Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, Doubleclick service codes, which are used to create remarketing lists to match personalised ads on the Google Display Network, Facebook, and Instagram. Based on cookies and remarketing tags, it is possible to display ads to the Users who have already visited the store It is also possible to use the data to target users who are similar to those who visited the store Each visitor of our Website has the option to opt out of tracking via Google ad settings similarly through Facebook in; Advertising on Facebook. The User can also opt out of most third-party cookie files on the site of the Network Advertising Initiative.
  7. More information about cookies is available at ;

V. Contact details

  1. Each User can directly contact the Administrator using the email address:, or the telephone number indicated in the E-commerce Terms and Regulations.
  2. The Controller states that it stores correspondence with Users in order to improve the quality of the Store's functioning, ensure the functioning of complaint procedures and for statistical purposes, as well as in order to respond to Users' queries as quickly as possible.
  3. At the same time, the Administrator ensures that the addresses and data collected as part of the communication with the Users described in section 1 above shall not be used to communicate with the Users for any purpose other than the implementation and handling of a given request. Possible communication on other matters may only take place in accordance with the will expressed by the User.

VI. Final provisions

  1. The Owner of the Store reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy for the following reasons in particular:
  1. changes in the current legal regulations, in particular in the area of personal data protection, telecommunications law, services provided electronically and regulating consumer rights, affecting the rights and obligations of the Owner or the User,
  2. the development of the Store's functionality or services is dictated by the progress of Internet technology;
  3. change of the Owner's data.
  1. Each change in the Privacy Policy will be published on the Store's website at the latest on the date of entry into force of the new Privacy Policy, and any changes to the Privacy Policy relevant to the User will be highlighted so that the User is made aware of them.
  2. In the event of doubts or inconsistencies between the Privacy Policy and consents granted by the Store’s User, irrespective of the above provisions, the basis for taking and determining the scope of activities by the Administrator are consents granted by the Users. This document, however, is for informational purposes only.

This version of the Privacy Policy applies from February 1, 2018.