Removing the cuticles before applying UV gel polish - how to do to and what you should remember

The cuticles that cover the nail plate are a problem for both beginners and experienced UV gel polish enthusiasts. Long, dry, often cracked cuticles look bad and cause pain. You should push them back to make sure your UV gel manicure looks perfect. How can you do that and what tools should you use? These are our tips!

Removing cuticles - how to start

Before removing the cuticles, you should buy accessories that are helpful in this process. Many girls recommend using a wooden, angle-tipped stick to push back the cuticles because it is a safe and painless way to prepare the nail plate for the perfect mani. You can also push back the cuticles using nippers or an electric nail file but it requires great precision, so if you do your manicure at home, we recommend using a wood stick.

To make the cuticle removal process easy, remember to soften the cuticles first. If you try to remove hard and very dry cuticles, you can easily hurt yourself. Moreover, it may also negatively affect the matrix - the nails will be fragile and their structure will be damaged. There are two methods that help soften the cuticles - you can take a warm bath or prepare a special bath just for the hands. Just pour warm water to a bowl and add a few drops of an oil, e.g. jojoba oil. Soak your hands in this mixture for about 5 minutes.

How to remove the cuticles from your nails

After taking a bath, dry your hands with a towel and massage an oily cream or a special conditioner into the cuticles. It softens the cuticles and leaves them greasy. Then you can start removing the cuticles. If the cuticles do not grow into the nail plate, simply push them back using a wood stick. If it is difficult, you can keep your hands in the bath for a little longer. If the cuticles grow into the nail plate and they still look bad after you push them back, you can cut them. Just remember to be precise - damage in this area is painful

You will need sharp nippers to cut the cuticles. Place the sharp part of the nippers under the cuticle and gently cut it, moving from left to right. Do not pull or tear the cuticles! If you have to do it, it means that the tools you are using are not sharp enough. You can also use a cuticle trimmer with an angled tip or an electric nail drill. The last tool can only be used by professionals and you should make an appointment with a beautician to do it.


If you use cuticle nippers and accidentally hurt yourself, disinfect the are with salicylic alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antiseptic solution. Wait for a while and then you can safely continue the manicure.

Removing the cuticles before applying UV gel polish - the key to a flawless manicure

To make sure your nails look beautiful, you should soak your hands in warm water after removing the cuticles. It will help you easily remove the remaining cuticles and moisturisers you applied earlier. After the bath, you can also apply oil on the cuticles that will nourish them and smooth them out. You should regularly remove the cuticles, preferably between manicures. Cracked and dry cuticles look ugly and often cause pain or infections. Without proper cuticle care, even the best UV gel manicure will lose its attractiveness.

Cuticles on the nails - how to care for them

It is easy for cuticles to dry out, which deteriorates their look and condition. You should use hand creams that are rich in vitamin A and E. To make your cuticles look beautiful, you can also frequently apply different types of oils that contain nourishing and regenerating ingredients (e.g. jojoba or sweet almond oil).

We know that the UV gel mani enthusiasts need, so hi hybrid offers a gel nail and cuticle oil. It prevents the cuticles from drying, softens and nourishes them, making the cuticle removal process as easy as a selfie ;)

You should also remember that detergents used for cleaning leave the skin very dry, so remember to wear gloves while using them.

You can find more tips that will help you create a flawless UV gel manicure in the hi hybrid guide!