Base and top coats

UV gel polish - base and top coat are a must!

UV gel polish guarantees a beautiful and long-lasting manicure. Base and top coats are a must and guarantee a stunning look that lasts for weeks! A tough choice? Our tip - choose the best ones! hi UV gel polish base coat is your undercoat for a UV gel polish that protects the nail plate. hi UV gel polish base coat is the all-encompassing answer to your needs. You can buy it separately or in a starter kit. Remember - you’ve got to have it!

UV gel polish top coat - completes your beautiful manicure!

UV gel polish, base and top coat is everything you need to create a manicure that makes you look like a real queen. Wow your friends and loved ones! Remember about the basics to make sure the manicure lasts for weeks. UV gel polish base coat is a must-have. A top coat is also important!

Without a top coat your nails may not keep up with your pace of life. If you want to make sure your look is highlighted with a sparkling colour - protect your nail art using a top! You can quickly apply it on a UV gel polish and just as quickly cure it under a lamp. All set! You can conquer the world with UV gel polish nails! You decide when they say goodbye to your natural nails!

hi UV gel polish top coat is the best choice for your nails. With our hi UV gel polish nail top coat - Top No-Wipe - you don’t have to wipe the nails with a cleaner! You save time and... money! You can use both better! ;)