Hi Choco&Latte

ChocoChoco&Latte a collection of UV gel polishes

You jump out of bed, rush to the window, move aside your curtains and... you see greyness? Don’t let it take you over! Fight the fall aura with this special sweet and sour kit!

The latest hi choco&latte collection features what you and your BFF like the most - chocolate treats spiced up with girly pink shades and the taste of very milky coffee! Can you imagine the sweet flavour? Just grab a wool blanket, a pile of pillows, get comfy and start warming up with this colourful pleasure! You can enjoy the dessert mani for as long as you wish - we can guarantee they will not affect your shape!

12 perfectly matching UV gel polish shades create our perfect girly starter kit. For every day! Transfer your favourite colours to your nails and you’ll always have a set of endorphins for the fall sadness at hand. And on your nails :)

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, with fruits or maybe sprinkles?! Choose one of our sweet and sour suggestions that is best for a coffee and gossip and dive into the pleasure like a cherry into chocolate :) You can also find this sophisticated set in our hi choco&latte collection!

Create your own dopamine colour set that will be irreplaceable during the fall season. We can guarantee that the new hi collection has everything that girls like best - taste it!