Hi Glow

HI GLOW - It’s your time to shine!

Spread the wings of your imagination: how do you see yourself in a few days? Are you resting on a blanket, holding a glass of lemonade or with your friends, waiting to see your favourite artist during a festival? Does your outfit include a light dress, shiny bracelets and glitter? Yes, it will happen soon! Summer and holidays will knock on your door and they will bring the end of school. FINALLY! In a few days you’ll take out your best dresses, stylish shorts and throw books and notebooks at the bottom of your closet. You’ve been waiting the whole year for this! A highlighted face, shiny jewellery and accessories. Anything else? The end of school also brings the end of boring, toned down nails. Time to say “See ya!” ;D. In the summer you can, or even MUST, go for a real glow. Feel like a queen on your holiday! At hi we know you are the queen because you have power and an inner glow. It’s time to share it with the world! A queen would be no one without her attributes, right? And we are not talking about a crown. To express your inner glow, you need shiny UV gel polishes. At hi we have UV gel pearls that you’ll fall in love with!

We introduce the new hi Glow collection - 6 super shiny UV gel polishes in shades of blue, purple and pink that contain millions of small and large glitter particles. Do you prefer sparkling, big glitter flakes or maybe smaller particles will better match your festival look? We know one thing for sure - you’ll be sparkling after the concert!

By choosing the hi Glow UV gel polishes, you wrap your nails in an incredible glow that will make you stand out from the crowd! It’s the hottest manicure trend this summer. And you want to have fashionable nails, don’t you?