hi Unicorn

hi Unicorn

Make your dreams come true and gallop a magical meadow of the ultimate girly colours! Say hi unicorn - yes, it’s real!

Do you remember the carefree times of your childhood when your thoughts would take you to distant lands where candy and lollipops were growing on trees and the river was filled with soda? The blue sky was full of birds chirping and unicorns ran freely in a meadow full of flowers. It was beautiful, right? <3 What if you could go back to that fabulous land and transfer the magic of colours to TODAY? Great - we’re in! And that’s why we created the hi Unicorn collection, which embodies all things fantastical!

The collection features 12 exceptional colours that will give you more energy to spread your wings and climb your mountains! You are here to catch every moment and collect memories! You only live once! From now on you can take a pinch of the colourful magic and add it to your everyday life. The Unicorn UV gel polishes are the best way to highlight your unique style!

A girly pink and purple, charming blue shade and a beige that captures the lightness of life. Play with these colours, enjoy the moment and celebrate the little things - also in your manicure! No pressure or pretentiousness! A galloping and playful unicorn can keep up the tempo! Just don’t forget to hide the pink horn when you leave the hi unicorn land!