Hi Vibes

hi Vibes

Your favourite song that plays from your neighbour’s headphones in a lift. Saying hello to your friend. A screeching sound during your favourite band’s rehearsal. Summer rain drops that fall on your skin warmed by emotions and sun!

Close your eyes and think about the little things that make your big day today. Everything that decorates everyday life with colours results in goosebumps and lifts up the corners of your lips.

It can either be a run through a field on a warm afternoon, a grilled baguette that your share with your friend or a crazy trip to nowhere. Or maybe you prefer a splitting the feeling of freedom while crossing your limits? Go for it!

The new hi Vibes collection features the best snapshots from your life. Relax, you look great in all of them xD And now you’ll feel even better! We offer you 12 absolutely exceptional UV gel polish shades that are exploding with positive emotions!

Use them to highlight moments, keep the best memories and share them with others! Sharing happiness with small gestures? Easy! Say hi to hi Vibes and feel the good vibrations every day!