Are you going out tonight? Do you want to introduce more shine to your everyday looks? It’s time to discover the power of glitter and check out the hi hybrid UV gel polishes that will make your nails shine like never before! Say hi to parties!

Shine like a star - manicures aren’t just for the eveningmanicure

The hi hybrid glitter nail polishes are perfect for girls who love to shine all day long! Millions of glitter particles will make your nails look like they’re from outer space. Cast your spell on everyday life and shine like the biggest star in the sky! Choose glitter nail polishes not only during the carnival or when you go out for a long-awaited party with your girlfriends. You can get crazy during the day too! ;)

If you think that glitter is reserved for carnival nights, it’s time to change that! Glitter sparkles beautifully in the sun and that’s why it can change even the most simple and seemingly boring look!

Dancing queen – you can be one!

Are you getting ready for tonight? Make sure you have a fabulous look like a real dancing queen! Sequins, high heels, shiny jewellery and subtly sparkling glitter particles on your nails. This is it! ;)

And remember: you will leave the dance floor, tired from dancing to hot hits for hours, way before the hi nail polish comes off your nails!

How to apply glitter on UV gel polish

Are you wondering how to create shiny particles on UV gel nails? It’s easy! ;) Just follow the same steps as with a regular UV gel manicure, but instead of applying a colour nail polish, use the glitter nail polish from the Party collection. The available products have different types of coverage:

  • full,
  • semi-transparent,
  • transparent.

Choose the effect you want to achieve! ;)

Is this your first UV gel manicure? You can do it in 4 simple steps!

Step 1: Prepare the nail plate - push back the cuticles, use a nail file to shape the nails, use a nail polishing block to mattify the nail plate and, in the end, use the Nail Cleaner do degrease the nails.

Step 2: Apply a base coat - apply a UV gel polish base coat and cure it under the hi hybrid 10W UV LED lamp. 10 W.

Step 3: Apply a UV gel polish (glitter or colour gel polish of your choice), cure it under a lamp, apply another coat and cure it again.

Step 4: Secure manicure - apply the No-Wipe Top and cure it under the hi hybrid lamp.

All set! :)

Glitter on UV gel - stay trendy!

Perfect shine, amazing glow and... glitter - it is one of the hottest trends in the fall/winter season. You can see it in the new collections of the top fashion retailers but also in the beauty inspirations straight from the runways around the world.

Glitter UV gel manicure is a great alternative to the classic plain manicure. If you are fed up with the standard manicure looks and you dream about introducing a little bit of the Hollywood glow to your style, nail polishes that sparkle with glitter particles should be in your makeup bag! ;)

Glitter - how to use it


Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can use glitter to cover the whole nail or create fancy patterns. If you’d like, you can apply it on all the nails or just one, or a couple, creating a subtly shining twist. A two-colour manicure also looks interesting. Apply one shade on one half of the nail plate, and a different shade - with sparkling particles - on the other half.

Glitter on UV gel - what colour should you choose?

Glitter particles look great with almost all nail polish colours, however it is recommended to combine the ones that have matching shades. For example, if you want to create a crazy, silver manicure, the base colour for the UV gel should be... silver. The combination of silver glitter and UV gel polish hits the spot! Remember that it is not the only combination that works on your nails. Combine individual products based on their similarities or contrasts. Remember - “faint heart never won fair lady”. Mix colours, experiment with patterns and enjoy the endless possibilities of the hi hybrid glitter nail polishes! It's easy like a selfie! :)

manicure manicuremanicure

  • Silver glitter on UV gel

Silver was made for princesses like you! It’s perfect for every season, especially winter because it sparkles as beautifully as snowflakes. It is a real party beast that only you can tame. Choose the WHITE CRYSTALS #104 and shine like the Snow Queen! Cure under a lamp for 60 seconds ;)

  • A powerful duo: burgundy + black

Are you ready to totally fall in love? Choose the FUCHSIA BLUSH #228 and you’ll be good eye candy! The magical combination of glitter, burgundy particles, covered with black, is one of the hottest hi looks. The nail polish was created for girls who never stop and know exactly what’s in style! ;) The glitter applied on a UV gel polish is a great party or everyday look.

Cure the colour for 120 seconds. Remember to apply thin coats!

  • Golden glitter on UV gel

If you choose UV gel, make sure it looks fancy! You can create a fancy manicure with the GOLDEN ELEMENTS #410! It’s the perfect shade for girls who love to shine like the biggest Hollywood stars! You can create this golden manicure easily, with just a couple strokes of the brush, and it will last for many crazy nights!

Curing time is just 60 seconds.