#02 hi hybrid water stickers ZODIAC

hi hybrid water stickers ZODIAC #02


Do you read horoscopes and have a collection of magic crystals? Or perhaps you are keen on following the moon’s phases? The hi hybrid water stickers with a pattern with golden moons, constellations and crystals are the perfect choice for you. See how quickly and easily you can change your mani and turn it into a cosmic look. The stickers look phenomenal with both shiny and matte finish.


hi hybrid water stickers will decorate any manicure with unique patterns.

It is a simple and quick way to decorate nails, which does not require manual skills but gives a spectacular effect!

  1. Apply the UV polish gel base and two layers of UV polish gel, cure them in the UV/UV LED lamp.
  2. Cut the right shape of the sticker that fit on your nails.
  3. Soak it into water for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Remove excess water with a cotton pad.
  5. Remove pattern from the paper and place sticker on second layer dry nail surface.
  6. Press and smooth pattern to get rid of excess air or water.
  7. Apply top coat and cure in the UV/ UV LED lamp.
  • Do not apply directly on to the nail plate.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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#02 hi hybrid water stickers ZODIAC

hi hybrid water stickers ZODIAC #02
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