hi hybrid Naklejki na paznokcie SIMPLE


Simple hi stickers - special stickers to decorate your nails with geometric patterns and lines. It makes for an incredibly simple and quick unique manicure, featuring very stylish patterns! If you love simple nail art, you will definitely like our Simple hi stickers. These trendy, black decorations look great on all hi hybrid colours, perfect for every #higirl!

Want to achieve a WOW effect and impress you friends? Decorate your nails with the hi stickers and you will transform your mani in seconds! These unique patterns can be yours, without having to learn how to paint them, so you can express yourself through your manicure. Apply the stickers and say hi to WOW! Create designs that you like. Are you in a good or a bad mood? Show it on your nails!

The sheet includes 47 stickers.

  1. Create a full hi hybrid manicure using your favourite hi colours.
  2. Secure it with the No Wipe Top.
  3. Cut out the pattern that you want to use.
  4. Gently remove the transparent film with the sticker and apply it to the nail.
  5. Hold it for a moment - allowing the sticker to attach firmly to the nail.
  6. Secure the pattern with the top once again, and cure under a lamp.

Tip: If you can’t decide or want to try different patterns, do not apply the top coat layer. The sticker will stay for a few hours. You can also remove it with the hi hybrid nail cleaner.

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hi hybrid Naklejki na paznokcie SIMPLE
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