hi hybrid Starter Set easy 3in1

hi hybrid Starter Set easy 3in1

Easy 3in1 starter set

Easy like a selfie! Check out how easy UV gel manicure can be with the easy 3in1 starter set! Whether you're a beginner or a pro at painting your nails, this kit is perfect for anyone! It has everything you need to create a beautiful and long-lasting UV gel manicure at home - a compact 15W/24 lamp, a Nail Cleaner 50 ml to remove any oil from your nails, a #604 Happy Pink easy 3in1 UV gel polish, and accessories like a polishing block and wooden sticks. You no longer need three separate products - base coat, color, and top coat - it's all in one bottle! Doing your nails has never been easier, saving you time and money. Are you game? Check out the other colors in the easy 3in1 line ASAP! Don't miss out on this awesome starter set!

The easy 3in1 starter set includes 5 products:

  • hi hybrid Nail Cleaner 50 ml
  • #604 hi hybrid Easy 3in1 Happy Pink UV gel polish 5ml
  • hi hybrid UV LED lamp 15W/24
  • hi hybrid polishing block
  • hi hybrid wooden sticks (10 pcs.)
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hi hybrid Starter Set easy 3in1

hi hybrid Starter Set easy 3in1
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