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Nail files and buffers - your manicure essentials!

Nail files and buffers are the most important tools in helping you to create a sophisticated manicure. UV gel polish nails just do not look so good without them! Before you apply a nail polish, choose your files and buffers. They ensure the nail plate is adequately prepared to take on the colourful power of the hi hybrid UV gel polish!

Nail files and buffers - we have just you need! ;)

Nail files and buffers must be tailored to your needs. If you want to create your very first UV gel polish manicure - use the files and buffers in the hi hybrid starter kit. You can also buy them separately!

100 and 180 grain files are really all you need to create that uplifting UV gel polish manicure! They are medium fine files - ideal for nail shaping. Convenience, long-lasting effects and rich colour are additional reasons why you should choose hi hybrid nail files!

Nail files - gradation is important!

There are different types of nail file available. The most universal nail file grades are 100/180, and we offer both. We know that you have other things you could be doing than browsing through different product ranges - and we have what you need! So let's now take a look at nail buffers!

Here the grade is also important! The hi hybrid 180 nail buffer is simply a polishing block. It is all-purpose, handy and four-sided. Why do you need one? A nail buffer helps mattify and smooth out the nail plate and remove irregularities. If you want to create a flawless and long-lasting manicure - choose a buffer to finish prepping the nail plate. It’s simple!