Here you will find most frequently asked questions and answers!

1. What is hi hybrid? Who owns the brand?
hi hybrid is a UV gel nail polish and accessories brand.

hi hybrid is a brand that is just like you! It’s young, full of energy, creative and ready to conquer the world. Are you looking for a way to create a manicure that is worthy of a magazine cover? With hi hybrid you can do it at home! Make sure your friends join you because the more, the merrier! The brand is owned by the Polish company Nesperta Group, based in Jelonek, near Poznań.

Nesperta is one of the leading manufacturers on the market of nail art products in Poland and has been awarded with the ISO GMP certificate (this standard applies to Good Manufacturing Practices in the cosmetic industry). The company was awarded with other certificates, including the Reliable Certificate. Learn more about us https://hihybrid.pl/enstore/about-hi-hybrid
2. Are the hi hybrid UV gel nail polishes made in Poland?
Yes, all our UV gel nail polishes are manufactured in Poland.
The quality of the hi hybrid products is overseen by our experts who work in a modern plant in Komorniki near Poznań. They make sure that great quality and tested products are delivered to you!
3. Are hi hybrid nail polishes manufactured in accordance with the required procedures and awarded with the necessary certificates?
Sure thing! All hi hybrid nail polishes have the certificates necessary to introduce cosmetic products onto the market. Additionally, the quality of the products has been confirmed by an independent regulatory body. Our manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) described in the PN EN ISO 22716 standard.
4. Can amateurs use the hi hybrid UV gel polish?
The hi hybrid products are the perfect set for all "UV gel polish" beginners! :)
These products help you achieve beauty salon effects - it’s as easy as a selfie!
Invite your girlfriends, follow the tips on the hi hybrid channels and start your adventure with UV gel!
Just remember that just like any other activity you try for the first time, UV gel manicures require adequate preparation :)
5. Do I have to be 18 years old to use the hi hybrid UV gel nail polish?
In the hi hybrid world, creative girls can use our products before turning 18! :)
6. Can the white bottle negatively affect the quality of the hi hybrid UV gel polishes?
You’ll be surprised but the hi hybrid bottles are in fact... black! :) The black colour protects the nail polish from UV rays. The white colour of the hi hybrid bottles comes from an outer, painted and bleached coating. Interesting surprise, right?
7.How long does hi hybrid UV gel polish last?
It’s just what girls who hate being bored need! Imagine that you wear one shade for an entire month. Boring? Sure! And we avoid boredom like the plague!
The hi hybrid gel polishes last up to 14 days - after this time you can start experimenting with new colours! Remember that we do not count durability in days - we count it in the challenges that you meet with colourful hi hybrid polishes on your nails!
8. How many coats are in one bottle of hi nail polish?
It depends on your nails (e.g. their length and shape) and preferences (e.g. number of applied coats). :) A bottle of the hi hybrid UV gel polish is 5 ml and it should last for 7 coats.
9. How long should the hi hybrid polishes be cured?
The hi hybrid base and top coat should be cured under a 10W hi hybrid lamp for 45 seconds. However, we suggest that most hi hybrid shades be cured in the 60-second mode. Some colours need more time because they have higher pigmentation. So if you have the following shades in your collection: 111, 114, 201, 214, 215, 228, 320, 321, 322, 401, 403, 404, 406, 411, 413, 415, 416, remember that it is best to cure them for 120 seconds. To achieve the desired visual effect, you should remember that the applied coats should be as thin as possible to ensure the product cures properly. You can improve any possible colour irregularities and inadequate nail polish coverage by applying another coat.
10. Do the hi hybrid UV gel polishes create a dispersion layer?
Yes - the base coat and all hi hybrid UV gel polishes have a dispersion layer, i.e. a sticky layer formed after curing that increases the adhesion of subsequent coats. Complicated? No! It's as easy as a selfie! See for yourself :)
11. What affects the durability of a hi hybrid UV gel manicure?
The durability of the nail polish can be affected by: adequate nail plate preparation, correct nail polish application (remember to secure the free edge!) and proper curing.
12. What does it mean that the nail polish coverage is full, semi-transparent or transparent?
Let us explain!
The type of coverage depends on the pigmentation of the nail polishes, i.e. their colour strength. The higher the pigmentation, the fuller the coverage. If the pigmentation is lower, the coverage is semi-transparent or transparent. It’s similar to your favourite outfits: we have our favourite fabrics that wrap around us comfortably and tightly, and those which creates an amazing see-through effect!
What does it look like in practice?
Full coverage guarantees that the colour covers the whole nail.
Semi-transparent coverage helps apply a pigment from the cuticles to the tip (until it reaches the matrix) and creates a transparent effect on the free part of the nail. What does that mean? Semi-transparent coverage offers you plenty of opportunities to create multidimensional manicure looks!
Transparent coverage highlights the natural nail plate and can create a specific colour or a chosen effect on it.
A variety of the coverage types is the feature of a product that allows you to experiment and combine colours and effects. You can find a table with symbols for individual colours at hihybrid.pl.
13. Can the hi hybrid UV gel polishes change their shade?
UV gel polishes are cured under UV rays, so they are very sensitive to its effects. For example, if a UV gel manicure is exposed to UV radiation for a long time, we can observe a slight change in its colour. Don’t worry! It’s a completely natural process.
The colour may also look different, depending on the light, making your manicure more interesting! :)
It’s important to remember that UV gel polish is sensitive to detergents, colour cosmetics, inks, dyes, etc. So you have to be very careful with such products because they may change the manicure shade by leaving smudges or ugly stains. We don’t want that!
14. What causes the bubbles that appear on top the hi hybrid UV gel polish?
The bubbles that appear after painting the nails with a UV gel polish often means that not all nail polish coats were properly cured. This may also happen if you shake the bottle before applying the UV gel polish or make too fast movements during application. Think you might have made one of these mistakes? Don’t you worry, girls! Practice makes perfect! :)
15. Can the hi hybrid UV gel polish come off? If yes, why?
A UV gel polish should not come off by itself but remember that to ensure proper application, the free edge must be secured and the nail plate must be degreased with a nail cleaner :) Do you want to learn more? Visit hihybrid.pl and our YouTube channel! You will find many tutorials and lots of useful information there which show how to create an awesome manicure step by step.
16. Are the hi hybrid UV gel polishes vegan?
Yes, they are! The hi hybrid UV gel polishes do not contain ingredients of animal origin.
17. Are the hi hybrid UV gel polishes tested on animals?
Absolutely not! According to both Polish and EU law, our products are not tested on animals.
18. Is the light emitted by the hi hybrid lamp harmful to our health?
Don’t worry! Our lamps are modern devices with LED UV diodes that cure the hi hybrid UV gel polishes in 60 seconds. That’s a very short time, so you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of UV light!
19. What is the storage temperature for the hi hybrid UV gel polishes?
It is best to store them at room temperature, not higher than 30°C and in a shaded place. Remember to keep the polishes away from sunlight and direct UV lamp activity (light cures the polishes, so don't expose them too much to maintain their longevity).
20. Why does the packaging and website include a note that the hi hybrid products are for professional use only?
This results from the provisions of the Polish and international law. Based on those provisions, such information should be included in all UV gel polishes, regardless of their destination and place of use.