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  1. New #455
    #455 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Rose Quartz Gemini 5ml
  2. New #609
    #609 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Crazy Blue Splash 5ml
  3. New #610
    #610 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Ultraviolet Coaster 5ml
  4. New #611
    #611 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Pink Lollipop 5ml
  5. New #612
    #612 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Red Rocket Loop 5ml
  6. New #613
    #613 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Orange Blaze Twister 5ml
  7. New #614
    #614 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Green Monster 5ml
  8. New #454
    #454 hi hybrid UV polish nail gel Emerald Taurus 5ml
  9. ##140
    #140 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Strawberry Crunch Cake 5ml
  10. ##141
    #141 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Candy Blue Sugar 5ml
  11. ##142
    #142 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Blueberry Freckles 5ml
  12. ##143
    #143 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Peach Pie Cookie 5ml
  13. ##144
    #144 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Cotton Candy Sprinkles 5ml
  14. ##145
    #145 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel White Chocolate Confetti 5ml
  15. ##453
    #453 hi hybrid UV Polish Nail Gel Diamond Aries 5ml
  16. ##608
    #608 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Salted Caramel 5ml
  17. ##607
    #607 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Mindful Gray 5ml
  18. ##606
    #606 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Relaxing Blue 5ml
  19. ##605
    #605 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Simple Periwinkle 5ml
  20. ##604
    #604 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Happy Pink 5ml
  21. ##603
    #603 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Peach Peace 5ml
  22. ##602
    #602 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Pink Lemonade 5ml
  23. ##601
    #601 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Heavenly Pink 5ml
  24. ##600
    #600 hi hybrid EASY 3w1 Coconut Water 5ml
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What are UV gel polishes?

UV gel polishes are becoming more and more popular worldwide. What are UV gel polishes? If you don’t know - you are in the right place to find out! UV gel polish is a revolutionary solution that guarantees a beautiful and shiny manicure! UV gel polishes look like traditional nail polishes, but UV gel polishes have the durability that the regular nail polishes can only dream of. With UV gel polishes you can create a beautiful look that keeps up with you, guaranteeing that your UV gel manicure looks awesome, no matter the circumstances!

Which UV gel polish?

Which UV gel polish should you choose? It’s simple! It should be just like you. The hi UV gel polishes let you to express yourself and make your life more colourful. It’s easy and you can do it whenever you like! We have a wide range of the most beautiful shades that will complete your look - pick and choose. We know that the hi collection has the UV gel polish you're looking for! Classic red shades? Sparkly particles? Or something a little lighter, like beige shades? We’ve got it! Our hi UV gel polishes match your expectations. Try it out on your nails and see how true that is! Don’t forget to let us know which UV gel polish stole your heart!

UV gel polish - more than just a colour!

The hi UV gel polish is definitely more than just a colour on your nails. It expresses what's in your heart and completes your look. We do our best to make sure each UV gel polish has a colourful story and is perfect for the occasion. Got a date? Choose a shade from the hi date collection! Maybe the gym? The hi sport nail polishes are ready for a marathon! Basically, we're prepared for anything! If you don’t want to get lost or waste time looking for the best option - say hi to us! You can match our UV gel polishes with the occasion and your mood.

Are you planning a big party? Or maybe you are going on a long holiday? That’s cool - your nails are in! Choose the hi UV gel polishes and enjoy your colourful life!

The best UV gel polishes - we have them!

The best UV gel polishes are your way of creating a flawless look! Choose good UV gel polishes and you will look awesome every time you go out. The hi UV gel polishes have the most beautiful colours that look great on a date, a crazy party, during the best holidays of your life or when you are fighting to stay fit at the gym and on many different occasions - check it out! Our UV gel polishes like challenges! :)

A good UV gel polish keeps up the pace and does not lose on the homestretch. It also allows you to highlight your beauty, make your dreams colourful and lifts you up when you need support! Magic? No, it’s just the best hi UV gel polishes for special missions xD!

UV gel polish at home?

UV gel polish at home is the best idea for beautiful nails and independence! Stop gushing over your girlfriends’ great manicures. Don’t wait to get an appointment at a nail salon - do it yourself at home with a UV gel polish! It’s simple and it’s a great recipe for fun! Invite your friends and throw a mani party! The only thing you need is a UV gel polish - you can create a wonderful atmosphere at home and throw a great pre-party! Then you can hit the town and the best clubs! We can guarantee that the hi UV gel polishes will keep up with you - even if the dance floor is steaming hot!

Cheap UV gel polishes

Beautiful nails are one of the elements of a flawless look. If you want to achieve a perfect and stylish look - create a celebrity nail look. Think it’s too expensive? Nonsense! You can find inexpensive UV gel polishes of the highest quality! At hi, we try to offer you the most desirable colours at fabulous prices. The quality of our products is very important to us and that translates into manicure durability. Our collections contain only affordable, good quality UV gel polishes. They will help you create a manicure that could make it onto the front cover of a magazine! It will be both colourful and imaginative. And, most importantly, long-lasting! At hi, we offer inexpensive, trendy and ultra long-lasting UV gel polishes!

How can you prepare your nails for UV gel manicure?

Don’t know how to prepare your nails for UV gel manicure ? Relax! We come with good advice and a helping hand. Of course, this hand has beautiful nails! xD If you've just started your adventure with at-home manicures, you should have reliable information. They are a solid basis for your workshop - regardless of whether it’s yours or your girlfriends’ manicures! At hi, we give you useful tips on preparing the nails for a UV gel manicure. It’s a piece of cake! The golden rules in a comfortable and an understandable form help you decorate your nails with dreamy colours. So, are you ready to learn how you can prepare your nails for a UV gel manicure? Great! Let’s go then!

How can you create a UV gel nail look?

UV gel polish has become a frequent guest at your house. We respect your time and money - we don’t want to keep you waiting for an appointment at a nail salon. That’s why UV gel polishes are gaining popularity at home! Do you want to try it, but you don’t know how to do it? We ca help you!

We get this question often. We hear it during get-togethers, at work, at university and at the gym. Many of you search the Internet to find out more about it. You can take our professional advice. We will teach you how to create the perfect UV gel manicure!

You will definitely need a UV gel polish - or several - if you're looking for a more colourful look! Plus accessories that will help you create a celebrity UV gel manicure.

  1. Before you learn how to do it, prepare your nail plate! This is a must before choosing a UV gel polish. It includes pushing back the cuticles, filing the nails and polishing them with a block. Then degrease everything and move on to the next stage!
  2. Choose the best UV gel polish base coat and apply a thin layer of it. Cure everything under a lamp.
  3. It’s time to choose a colour! Choose the hi UV gel polish that suits your mood and the occasion. Apply a thin layer of the nail polish on the cured base coat and cure everything under a lamp. Are you feeling a deep colour today? Apply another coat of the hi UV gel polish and cure it under a lamp.
  4. How to apply a UV gel polish? Same as the classic one! Secure everything - you will need a UV gel polish top coat. At hi, we have the No-Wipe Top - you don’t have to wipe it with a degreaser after curing. And it's all set!

Now you know how to create a UV gel polish manicure - let's do it!

How to remove a UV gel polish

Removing a UV gel polish - another important thing that you need to know! We have described in detail how to apply a UV gel polish. It’s hard to imagine but you will have to wave farewell to it at some point. Relax - it won’t take long :D It’s a piece of cake! We will explain how to do it right and fabulously easily!

  1. Before you learn how to remove a UV gel polish, we'll tell you how to do it right! Grab a nail file and file the top coat! This helps dissolve the UV gel polish quicker.
  2. Now it’s time for the hi UV gel polish remover, dust-free cotton pads and foil removal wraps. How to remove a UV gel polish? Dampen the pads with acetone and wrap them around each nail using foil. Let the magic happen!
  3. Wait for 10 minutes and check if the UV gel polish is removed. If it looks like it's peeling off, gently take off the foil and remove the rest of the nail polish with a stick.

Now you know how to remove a UV gel polish! Easy? Easy!

Why does UV gel polish chip?

The hi UV gel polish has strength that comes from its colour, a long-lasting power that comes from its quality and a bit of uniqueness that suits your special personality! If you want to use its superpower and amaze with a flawless look - do it wisely! Then you will not have sleepless nights wondering why UV gel polish chips! With hi creating a long-lasting UV gel polish manicure is simple! Remember about the principles and precision!

Application of a colour UV gel polish is the final touch to your manicure - first cover the base! Adequate preparation of the nail plate is the best way to guarantee a long-lasting manicure. If you mattify it with a polishing block, you will improve the nail polish’s adhesion. Don’t forget to degrease the nails! Did you do everything right but the manicure just doesn't look right? Why does the UV gel polish chip even though you followed all the above rules? Maybe you didn't keep it under the lamp long enough? Remember that the curing time depends on the lamp and product specificity. For example, dark or glittery shades often require a longer curing time. You can find more details at!

If you don’t want chips or to say farewell to your manicure too soon, remember to secure the free edge! It’s just a small thing - but it has a powerful effect! Now you know how to prevent a UV gel polish from chipping. See if our golden rules help you succeed in creating a flawless manicure!

Can I apply a regular nail polish on a UV gel polish?

Do you wonder if you can apply a regular nail polish on a UV gel polish? Let us resolve this quickly - you can’t! ;D There is no halfway. hi offers all UV gel manicure essential products. If you want to enjoy a beautiful, shiny and long-lasting manicure - don’t use tricks or shortcuts!

UV gel polishes need special treatment, so you have to apply a special base coat first and cure it under a lamp. Then choose you favourite UV gel polish colour, apply and cure it. Now here comes the question: Can you apply a regular nail polish on a UV gel polish? No - you should definitely use a top coat.